About Me

Follower of Jesus.

I have loved bicycling since I was a kid and have enjoyed a few long distance trips. Each long ride is memorable in its own way, but the most life-changing was in 2020 when I rode and prayed across America – meeting a whole lot of great people and seeing our country in a whole new light.

I got interested in video production at a young age and love to create fun videos that are both entertaining and share an important message.

When I’m not riding, I travel and minister to kids and families all over the U.S. with Affect Eternity Ministries and “Power Kyd”. What an exciting way to share Jesus!

When I’m home, I enjoy woodworking, video production, and preaching at the local assisted living center to those approaching and exceeding the century mark.

I’m in my 60’s now and believing that the best is yet to come!